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A1A2 Investments and Financial Consultancy Pvt. Ltd, founded in 2018, focused on providing smarter and sustainable ideas for long term wealth creation. This firm based in Madurai, has been established as one of the growing start-ups in financial Market with a clear focus and client success. Our main center is in India and our company is to be spread across in Dubai.

We pool the resources of clients in order to create more diversified trading options and Financial solution to your portfolio and rightly invest in Indian Share Market, Forex market like Tips to clients (Indian and abroad) with our deep research. We dedicate work for benefit of our clients by providing those recommendation and information.


To be one of the leading and best performing investment consulting firms in India/world by creating value to our customers, investors, employees and community To beat performance every year with a significant margin and grow our portfolio at a rate higher than the best performing mutual fund in the country.


To increase our portfolio at 25% per annum for the next 25 years through various investing, trading & hedging strategies & grow the fund by upwards of 250 times to achieve financial freedom
To bring Indian investors into the equity market with clear education, learning and tools required to manage their portfolio independently & successfully without any dependencies.

Core Values

Honesty Transparency client success

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